Change Tab Name/URL from CMS files in new tab

Context: The menu-cards are placed as pdf-files behind buttons. When i click on it, a new tab with the pdf-file is opening. The name of this tab / the opened subpage is a random big number like “5687asda87497sad987”.

It would be super important to change the name of the opened tab to something like “”. I also have to place the menu-card file link into the Google Business dashboard, if there is a weird number, nobody will click on it.

Thank you for your help!

PS: You can click “Menü” on top right corner and then just open “Speisekarte”.

I think it’s not possible with a direct link to the pdf. But maybe I have found a workaround for you:

So basically you could create a site for each menu-card and then use the embed-Element from Webflow to embed the PDF like shown here to your page: PDFObject: Embedding PDFs without using PDFObject
This way you would have control over the title and URL of the page.

Then just link to the page instead of the PDF.