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Change slug of collection


I created a new website based on a template. The template included fully prepared collections and collection templates. Awesome! (special thanks to the creator of the template and to the webflow guys)

Small issue: I would like to change the slug of one of the collections. How can I do that without losing all of my and the template creator’s work?


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Hey @Niklas so glad you’re enjoying Webflow! Can you please share a Read Only link of your site for us to further assist you?

How to Enable a Webflow Share Link

Thank you,

Waldo :smile:

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Hey @Waldo,

here is an example:

It is based on the template “Escape”:

I would like to do the following:

  1. Rename Collection “Blog Posts” to “Activities” (ok, this is easy)
  2. Change the slug of the same collection from “blog” to “activity”. According to the editor it is not possible… Is there a workaround available? I don’t want to lose my data records and the collection templates created by the author of the template.

Thanks in advance!


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@Niklas I'm sorry to say but at the moment you'll have to create a new collection for Activities. We'll be working on a way to rename slugs but it's a hairy beast because it touches every part of the website, so it's not a feature that will be coming very soon.

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Here is what I do in those cases:

  1. Create your new collection with your slug and fields (ex: Activities)
  2. Populate your new collection with content

For the list view:
Go to the dynamic list you wish to preserve the design in the page of the template your site is based (Escape) and disconnect the fields one by one, starting from the botton field, use the navigator for this, until you are allow to change the collection. (There is a lock which is gone after you disconnect all the fields inside of the collection list)

For the details page:
You have to do some copy and paste between the blog detail page (Escape) and the new detail template page from your new collection (activities) and again just change the fields to point to the fileds of your collection (activities).

That way you can keep the template layout your website is based on and you can have your own fieds and slug. I have to agree the templates are all very beautiful.
I hope that helps.

@thesergie & @discovoador: thanks for your help!

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