Change site plan to team plan

Hello guys,

Here is my situation:

I have a project with a Site Plan CMS
My client can work on it but only on the content, as a collaborator (can’t touch the code nor create specific pages, etc.).
I’ve been told I need to create a team plan (which I did) and transfer the website
When I want to transfer the website, I can’t cause the hosting plan is active
I’v read that I should copy the website, transfer the copy in the team plan dashboard and ask the support to transfer the hosting to the new website
BUT it is also written that it can’t be done if one of the two websites is part of a team plan…

Anyone can help me?
Thanks a lot

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Hi @Paname_Automatise
I believe you will need to cancel the hosting before moving it to a team plan. You can then initiate a new CMS site plan.