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I’m using the embed tool to generate text based on the day of the week, and the “Magic” setting in the top padding is giving me trouble. Is there a way to change this?

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A few WF element use magic to calculate some dimensions. I don’t know all the reasons for tha,t sometimes it’s to fit the grid.

Don’t fight it, rather nest your HTML embed widget in a wrapper div and style the div. I always do this with Embeds. i also always do the reverse with columns in Row elements: I place a div inside and never ever style the column itself.

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@vincent that’s what I’m doing, but it appears as if the embed is overriding the padding of the parent div.

Now you need to tell us the result you’re loking for , because it seems I can add a lot of pdding on this parent… why is there a negative padding on your screenshot?

I’m trying to reduce the padding on the object. The text is generated through an embed, based on the day of the week. But it seems as if the “Magic” padding in the embed is causing the parent div to be padded by like 15 to 20 px. The bottom padding of 10px in the screenshot looks to be correct, but you can see how spaced out the top is.

Ok you want to get rid of the extra space here:

I can’t seem to find where it does come from…

Isn’t it the H3 with a margin top at 30px?

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Figured it out, thanks for the help @vincent!


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