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Change menu navigation bar elements state on scroll

Is it possible to do the following with a sticky menu bar on scrolling down the page?

  1. Change from one logo to another logo (transition effect).
  2. Down scaling of logo in size.
  3. Change menu bar height.
  4. Change the menu bar from one colour to another.
  5. Change the menu fonts from one colour to another.

Just wanting to know what’s possible.

Thank you in advance.

Yes, it is very easy to do

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Thank you :slight_smile: Do you know of any templates that already do this so I can make a start on this feature?

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I have been trying to find any YouTube videos that demonstrates on how to do my sticky menu bar requirements but I cannot find anything, can anyone help me on this please?

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did you find any solution to this?

I managed to work it out some bits in the end myself if I remember correctly as it was a while ago now, thank you. I only did certain things and couldn’t do everything but I’ve moved on from that project now. It still is something I would like to do for the future on other projects so any further info is welcome.