Change Menu Button after link is clicked

Hi everyone, my first post here in the forum and I’m looking for help with navbar menu interactions. At the moment I have a custom menu icon with open and close animations, however when the link in the nav is clicked the menu icon doesn’t go back to it’s normal state. I tried setting up an interaction on the nav links, that when they’re clicked, the menu button gets the closing interaction and it works, but then another problem arises. When the menu icon is clicked again, it doesn’t run the interaction. I’m pretty sure my description is confusing so it will be easier for you to just see what I mean. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
P.S. Loving Webflow so far.! Great job, guys.!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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HI @Lukas, big welcome to you! I took a look, but was not immediately able to detect the issue, see below:

Did you get that styling updated?

Hi, thanks for your answer. Sorry if I didn’t explain it properly. The problem is when I click on a link in nav, not the menu button. I want the menu button to go back to initial state after I click the link inside.

Up.! Still trying to get this problem solved. Any help is much appreciated.