Change lightbox-view color - Help needed - Add custom code?


I’m using FILMAX template that I’m currently customizing to achieve what I need. I’m having a big issue de change the lightbox preview color that should easily be done by adding a white background color to the css on the following line.

.w-lightbox-view {

Where can I easily change this? I’d like to have a white background when clicking on a video.

I’ve also just subscribed to the Core Workspace subscription in order to download the code and thought it would be easy to just reload it, but it seems to be impossible!

I’m really asking some help because I’m just wondering if I didn’t do a mistake by paying 228usd for a plan that doesn’t allow me to customize anything…

Thanks a lot, hope someone will find a solution
Best ,

Here is my site Read-Only:

Have you tried this?

<style> .w-lightbox-backdrop { background: rgba(255,255,255,1) !important; } </style>

hello Sydney, thanks for your answer.

it helped me a lot. I’m new to Webflow and I just didn’t know where to add this code, and that’s what I was really struggling with.

So for people who are looking to do the same thing :
create a container somewhere on your page , drop a “embed element” so you’ll be able to add html and copy / paste the code Sydney just wrote.

Would be nice to have an easy html/css access and being able to modify it…