Change Image Order in CMS Through a Portal

Hi Webflowvians,
Has anyone figured out a way for users (not admins or others with Webflow login capabilities) to reorder images that are already in a multi-image field (or even a single image field, though that’s less desirable) in Webflow’s CMS? I’m trying to create this capability for a user portal/dashboard, where users edit their own profiles. I want my users to change the order in which their images appear.

The frustrating thing is that you can easily do this image reordering as an admin in Webflow or Airtable, but I can’t figure out how to have users do this in a portal-like setting.

I’ve attached a screencapture of how I’d like it to work:
reordering_images_in_airtable_Screen Recording 2021-07-08 at 1.28.43 PM

With Airtable: I’ve tried Stacker, miniExtensioins, and On2Air Forms and talked with their tech support but there seems to be no Airtable solution. Sounds like Google Sheets won’t do this in Stacker, either, so I’m worried that online spreadsheets don’t allow this.

I’m hoping that there’s something I can do in Webflow.

If no one knows a Webflow solution, I’m open to any technology that can show my users their ordered images, and then have them change the order — which would then update the Webflow CMS, presumably through Integromat/Zapier/Parabola.

hi @misterpibb did you try to implement draggableJS? I may solve your problem

Thanks @Stan! I haven’t tried it, and may need some help figuring out how to do it, but I was hoping that something like this may work.