Change image by click

is it possible to change a image by clicking on div?

I have 2 pics with another z-index and positions. the front image should change every time i click on specific div that use for navigaation

I appreciate good tips for that :slight_smile:

Do you have a share link?

yes please

Can you tell me which two images should be clickable? :slight_smile: And on what page?

at the home page hero section -
i want to the right navigation will change between the images
Founder-01, Founder-02, Founder-03.

basically, at the bottom right - when you click on slider-button-02(id) - Founder-01 change to Founder-02 etc…

i hope it was clear…

Maybe have another solution for this…

actually I have 3 images ID’s:


every image has separate z-index and location.
once you click at the bottom navigation - the front image is replace with the back etc…

this is what I actually need to get :slight_smile:

best regards!