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Change iframe content with dropdown


I am having difficulties with a section on my site. I have a dropdown menu on site. What I want to achieve is, when user clicks one of the dropdown elements (Think it like a date filter with options like, 1month, 3month, 6months etc…) I want a div element or row element to update. IS that possible ?


Not sure but the only way to do this using ONLY Webflow is if you data is static and the only thing you’re doing is switching between divs. Otherwise consider implementing AJAX or JSON and JQUERY. It helps to think that WF is a perfect tool for front-end development as opposed to back-end.


makloon yes the data is going to be static. So If you know how to achieve this , can you guide me please ?
Thank you.

I quickly put this together. It is my WF hack for changing between static data organised in different divs. Please note, this is not a fancy solution whatsoever. It is the equivalent to a cheap car. A solution with AJAX / JSON / XML is the Cadillac solution. Also it needs tweaks to fix the UX.

Public link

This is absolutely what I want, how can I copy the project can you help me please ?

The project has cloning enabled.