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Change icon displayed in Safari

Hello. I am trying to change the icon displayed by Safari shown in red in the screenshot below. My icon is set correctly, but this change is not applying to Safari. Any help would be appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Which iOS, Device, and Sifari version are you using? Can you share your .io link as well so we can test it on our devices?

iOS 14.2, iPhone X, Safari 14

@mikeyevin Any ideas?

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Hmmm I only have a one Apple device around here to test on (iPad Pro with iOS 14 I believe) and it’s showing your correct icon.

Does the issue persist in incognito mode or after clearing your cache?

It appears to work as intended

Yep, tried clearing everything and it’s still displaying the wrong image.

What if you go to instead of the .io version?

I’m seeing the correct image on the .com version as well—not sure why you’re not seeing it update. I’m guessing it’s isolated but you can try republishing your site to see if the issue resolves on your end.