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Change Height of Paragraph Text

Hey guys I am trying to figure out how to change the height of the last paragraph text module on the “Meet Barry” page on the following site.

I tried changing the height in the paragraph style, but nothing happens. I have added text to the paragraph, but half of the paragraph doesn’t show up because the paragraph module won’t change the height automatically.

I am referring to the last paragraph on the Meet Barry page which can be found under the “More” menu.

Thanks for the help!

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Hi @hedera

Do you still having this issue? Everything seems to work fine on my end!

Hi Donald, thanks for the reply.

Yes still having the issue.

There is more text in this paragraph, but it’s not showing up. The paragraph modal is not automatically correcting the height, even though the height and width is set to “Auto”.

Could this mean that I have to adjust the height for the content wrapper that all of the paragraphs are in?

Thanks again

Hey there again… so all of a sudden it’s working fine. This was not working the other night… super weird.

Any way we can delete this thread since it is pointless lol?

Thanks again for responding.

  • Ben
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Happy to hear that! :slight_smile: I’ll just close this topic now.