Change font colour to show “read” status

Is it possible to change the font colour of a text block based on whether a user has clicked it some time in the past?

I know I can change hover, selected, etc states. However, I want to help the user navigate articles they have not read yet by “greying out” articles they have clicked on.

Ideally this would be possible without Memberstack/login, so based on cache or using a cookie.

Is there a native feature in Webflow for this? Or should I look into custom code?


Hi Ruben,

This should be possible with the ‘visited’ state of the links.
See down below.


Hi Ramon,

Thanks for your reply!

I should have explained more clearly that it is not an actual link. I created a news grid page using headlines as dropdown toggles, opening up a dropdown list that contains the body text of the article. The ‘visited’ state is only available on links, and only works if the user actually visited the collection page/URL (so I can’t just leave it at #).

See here what I mean in terms of the dropdown layout. I would like for the headlines that have been clicked by a user to be greyed out so it’s clear which articles are unread still if that makes sense?