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Change email of contact form manually

Hello, I’ve created a webflow website that I have exported to my server and converted into Joomla. However, I have kept the webflow contact form, but now I’m trying to change the email address where messages are sent by that form. Since i’ve made changes to the code that I don’t want to lose, I can’t use the webflow dashboard and re-export, so how can I change the email manually? Looked into the code, but can’t find the answer…

thanks in advance!

Hi Stefanos,

You can change the email in your Webflow dashboard. Let me know if this helps!

Hi thesergie, and thanks for your reply. Perhaps I did not make myself clear enough, but i’m looking for a way to change the email directly from the source code, for the reason I stated above. Thanks again.

Oh ok @notmyteddy I hear you. There’s no way to change the email in the code manually because there’s a lot of things connected to our servers. For example we send the email from our mail servers and store the form submissions on in our database so the Dashboard > Forms tab is the only place to view and change form settings.

Regarding that, I did export the code and hosted just to test some things and he stopped working. Is it normal once it’s not under webflow host it stops working?

Thanks in advance!

@jocaindahouse the form should work just fine even if you host somewhere else. Did you alter any of the code?

I didn’t mate. I’ll re-introduce the form and try again.
Thanks for the reply!

Yeah try that and let me know how it goes. If that doesn’t work, provide your subdomain and I’ll look at the site to see if there’s anything busted.