Change Dropdown Menu Design/Colour + add Line

Dear all,

I am new to webflow, so please excuse if this is “quite obvious”.

I am looking to change:

  • The colour of my dropdown menu as well as the name/items in the menu from the template I use.

  • I would like to add the line in the middle from the “Projects” page and project to the project on the first page as well (it was orginally like this).

Read only Link:

Thanks a lot in advance!


Is it your intention to adjust this?

Is this your intended result?
(change colors of texts and add a divider)

Dear Miekwave,

thanks for your help!

No - I would like to change the black background colour - the buttons colour and style can stay the same.

Also, I would like to change the aktuell Items/Pages in the Menu.

Thanks so much !