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Change Default Quanity on E-Commerce quntity

Unable to define QUANTITY default. Its always 1.

I must set default QUANTITY to equal 5 on certain div blocks / products. Then the user can manually adjust it to 1-9999 if they want to. So far I am unable to reproduce this.

DIV BLOCK A - Contains Addon +1 - Works as Intended
DIV BLOCK B - Currently tells customer to input 5 if they want to order 5 CUSTOMIZATIONS if PRODUCT Bundle 5x is set to TRUE. This is not ideal.

Not to be confused with creating a seperate item thats EQUAL to 5 price.
Not to be confused with creating a VARIANT with default variant thats equal to 5 price.
It needs to be QUANTITY field.

S1: Customers buy 1 unit when they wante dto buy multiple quantity and buys single item a bunch of times.

S2: Custom Addon based on variant such as customize 1 product, customize 2 products, customize 3 products etc… the 5 Product Bundle needs to have the 5 Quantity default selection. - i have resolve splitting single and multi seperately on Products pages based on custom CMS if BUNDLE TRUE FALSE toggles.

If TRUE its serving the 5x CUSTOMIZE div addon unit. (except the default says 1, not 5)
IF FALSE it’s FALSE, its serving the 1x CUSTOMIZE div addon.

Not to be confused with making new VARIANTS for a product.
Not to be confused with making a new PRODUCT thats equal to 5x.