Change date of Collection

If I have 20 collections showing a class taken on 1/1/23 and that date passes and now I want all the same collections except I want the class for next week. I go in and change just the date, are these counted as an additional collection item or the same one from before?
In other words if I keep all the same collections and just change the date every week are they counted against my allotment multiple times a month or just once?

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A collection item is a collection item. If you edit anything, it’s still just one collection item.

It sounds like you may be confusing a couple of things though.

  • Collections ( think of them as tables if you like ) are limited to 20 on the CMS plan, 40 on Business.
  • Collection Items are a different limit. I think 2,000 on CMS, 10,000 on business, but check the site plans to verify this.
  • None of these limits are “per month allocations”, they’re totals.

If you had 20 collections, totalling 2,000 items, and changed them all daily, you’d still be on the same CMS plan pricing.

For your date-change scenario, changing the date weekly would be a bit of a pain. I’d generally go with a pattern that requires less admin, and gives more flexibility; possibly-

  • Event coll, contains all the details, location, etc.
  • Event Date coll, contains the date and time, and a ref to the Event

I’d either pre-load the Event table with a few year’s worth of data, or setup an automation from Google Calendar to generate those in the CMS a month in advance. That way the website can always show what’s coming, up to 30 days in advance, but it’s also easy to cancel or shift individual Event Dates if you need to.