Change "created on" date manually (CMS)

I would like to be able to change the “created on” date manually after adding dynamic items.

I would like this because I sometimes want collections to show up in a specific way; for example show the most recent added first (this is already possible by using filters). But sometimes I want to re-arrange items manually, and this would be possible if we would be able to change the created dates.

Or is there another solution for this?


Bumping this request.

I think this is essential functionality. Or even better: Make it possible to manually order the items, and to select “manual” in the Sort Order settings.

Hey @GarlandBriggs @tubes & @rowan have you tried using this sorting functionality?

Try adding a Date field to your posts and then sort by those fields in the data manager :smiley:

You can also add a number field and use that to set a sort order.

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That’s actually a pretty nice workaround. Thanks :smile:

My original question was for items you created in Dynamic Collections which I wanted to change the “Created date” date for. Now we have a custom date field in the CMS so we can achieve that by using the Date field in the collection we create.

yes topping this request this is getting even more important now that the RSS feed is implemented

Adding my vote for manual drag and drop order :pray: