Change component property photo position in mobile

Hi all,

I am looking for a solution to center an image that changes as a property of my component header for each page. I have centered the original component header image. For all other breakpoints this works fine, but when each header image for each page is changed through the property settings, the image is not centered, and therefore we do not see the subject of the image in mobile view.

Since I know that there is no real way to change styling for component properties, does anyone have a workaround? Just centering the background image for the original component photo isn’t working.

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I found some position setting issue here. checkout this

Now select mobile view from top and

see the size - fit - cover - select 3 dot and make it 50% 50% both value
in all responsive position is relative all size auto.

Let me know if you still have issue.

Yes. It is working with your suggestions. Thank you !


Let me know if you have any issue.

Is there anyway to change this for each component instance? Often times the subject of the photo is just slightly different, and in mobile layout, the subject gets cut off on some pages, but not all.