Change colors of slide navigation in between slides


is it possible to change the colour of the arrows and nav dots in a slider in between slides?
I would like to feature both light and dark slides so I’d like to inverse the controls from white to black and vice versa depending on the slide.

Thanks for your help!

Still haven’t found any solution on this. Does anyone have an idea how to achieve this?

Help is much appreciated! Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey Lucas! Sorry that you did not receive help for so long!

You can customize the styling of the dots and arrow quite easily.

What exactly do you mean with in between? You want to alter the dots, but only on slide X? Due to a differently colored background?

I should be able to provide some exact guides, if I understand you correctly!

Do you have a paid plan on your site, so you can utilize custom code?

Hey @RDaneelOliwav , thanks so much for taking the time to reply!

Exactly, that’s what I’d like to achieve. I have a paid plan, yes. I can send you a read-only link via DM if it helps, it’s a password protected site, so I’d prefer not to post it publicly.

Thanks again!

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Sure! drop me a DM :slight_smile:

Please describe here, or in the DM what exactly you want to do (the better the details, the better I can help!)

I’d suggest posting everything here (excluding the link), so we can post possible solutions here, for other people to find! :slight_smile:

I have a slider with four slides. Each slide has a full-bleed background color. Three of them are are in black, red and blue (see example screenshot below).

Hence I am using white arrows and indicators for slide navigation. I would like to use a white background color four the fourth slide, hence I would like the arrows and indicators to transition from white to black in the time that it takes to rotate from the previous to this white slide. And back to black when rotating to the next one.

Link is in the DM.

Best, Lucas

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