Change color in the navbar

I can’t find the option to remove that green color that appears when I select one of the sections in the navigation bar for mobile.

can u please provide your read only link

Of course Webflow - Clicomy (1)

Your Nav Link has an animation attached.

  1. Open the menu button by clicking edit instance.
  2. Select the menu button (should appear blue)
  3. Select ‘Menu/Show’ under ‘Nav bar’ settings.
  4. Select ‘Nav Link’
  5. Select the lightening bolt’ interactions panel
  6. Remove the animation by clicking the little rubbish bin. You can also edit it if you prefer.

Let us know how you go!

Thank You @anitat I followed the steps you indicated but still the problem continues. do you know what else I could do? If you like, I could duplicate the work table and I could share it with you for editing.