Change characteristics of hundreds of links all at once

I have a site with hundreds of links. I just realized that about half of them are named “list link class” and the other half named “list link class 2”. Those are class names. I want all links to be named the same class but right now the only way I know to fix them is to change them one at a time, which would take hours. Is there a way to select all “list link class 2” and change them to “list link class”

Another question… Since I started changing the names of the classes pink boxes have appeared around all “list link classes” I don’t know what this is. Do you? This is only in editing mode. Not visible to users.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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The only thing that you may do is change the class to be the same as the one you need. As in make class 2 behave the same as class 1. No way to do what you need unfortunately.

Pink boxes is to highlight the classes on the page with this target button below the class name. Click it again and it will go away.

Thanks. Is there a way to delete a class so that it no longer shows up in the drop down menu for classes?