Change cart toggle icon shopify on webflow

Hi all,

I’m using shopify lite’s buy button for my webshop. The buy button is now how I want it to look, but I would also like to change the cart icon of the toggle. Does anyone know where I can do this and what code I should use?

Besides I would also like the toggle to be in my menu container that I created in webflow, so it has the same appear and disappear animations attached to it. Would this be possible?

Thanks in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Marieke's Initial Project

Here is my published site: Hills cushion ecru / red

Hi @samadesign, we had a similar request from a client using the buy button. We ended up creating some code that allowed the buy button, cart and toggle to be built and styled in webflow. We also got it to work with webflows CMS collections.

Drop me a message and we can go through it in more detail.


Hi @samadesign did you manage to resolve this? I forgot to add a link to it working

hi @Chris_Waterhouse @samadesign, im having the same problem, could either of you help?
Cheers, Lex