Change button link on a component

Hi there,

I’m building a new website and I created a component for the footer section. Inside that footer component I have a language button which I’d like to link to the equivalent page in the other language (“/es/…” and “/en/…”). I’ve tried creating a new property for that button, but I can’t make it work. Every time I change to other property, it changes to the same property in all pages. Am I doing something wrong or it’s just that properties work only when you have multiple components on the same page?

Thank you very much in advance!

It should work fine, I think you might not be familiar with how components, instances, and properties work.

When you setup a property on the component, it has a default, in this case a link default. If you double-click the component and edit the link, you’ll be editing that property default.

To set it for an instance, do not double-click, just click on the component instance itself, and look at settings. You should see your property. When you override it, it should highlight as blue ( overridden ) just like styles do.

Thank you very much Michael! I was making it more complicated than it is. I was making a new property for each url (same button) instead of changing the url in just one property. It’s working perfect now! :slight_smile: