Change button color background


I need help with changing the background colour on a button. I tried changing the ‘background’ colour in settings, but it’s showing as transparent, but the button colour is blue.

I want to change the colour to green.

Your help is much appreciated

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Hi @dibeesh_ks ,

The quick and easy way to achieve this is to add a subclass to your “Primary Button Blue” class that is used throughout the template.

You will then be able to change the BG colour. There is also a border around.

Let me know if that helps!



Thanks for the quick response. Its worked.

@enki I am facing one more issue. I also want to change the slider navigation text and gallery triangle to green. Can you please check the following images?

Hi @dibeesh_ks,

I’ve recorded a video here to show you how to make these changes:

Hope this helps!

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You are awesome. Thanks for the detailed video, it really helps newbies like me to learn Webflow.