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Change Background Image with Trigger

It would be great if i can change the background of an element with any of the triggers, specifically for “onscroll” and “onSlideActive”.

I have a background DIV that I want to change when a new “section” (100% height) is scrolled into view. I am using custom coding to “snap” each section when a user scrolls so that each section is always 100% in view. I want to cross fade and change backgrounds every time a new section scrolls in or when I change slides on a slider.

You could create divs with each of the background colors and set them to Show/Hide on scroll as need be with a fade in and fade out of opacity. Or we can wait for other interactions to come out later on like color change and such :slight_smile:

What scroll jacking js are you using for the snap to? Can I see your example? :smile:

I’m using panelSnap

works great… although it gets buggy when you put Slider components into the sections.

actually, how would you go about doing simple things like onClick, change/toggle between 2 backgrounds on a DIV. Not possible currently right?

I actually just noticed that you can put multiple image backgrounds for DIVs… it would be GREAT if we can control which background image to show via triggers… and enable transitions…