Change background color for Navbar open state

Hey all!

I would like to change the background color of my navbar open state, that is on tablets and mobile, when user click on menu button with the icon and the menu appears, I need the navbar to have a color instead of being transparent.

Basically, from closed state which is transparent color, I need to have a color on open state.

Thank you!

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There’s an IX trigger for navabar opening or closing, you can use it to do what you need.

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@vincent thank you very much for pointing me into the right direction! It worked out flowlessly! <3


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FLOWlessly, no less, happy to read that :smiley: Special triggers are not always the most evident to use.

Hey vincent

I have used your method, which works great on tablets and below but do you know any way also to have it do it on desktops?