Change An Elements Position With An Interaction?

Here’s the project I’m working on–

feel free to clone / edit

Trying to replicate this:
When you click “more” the preview image switches and gets big.

I’m working with @vincent on this but starting a new thread to see if it’s possible to change the posistion of an element with an interaction.

Ex. img is set to absolute and when “more” is clicked the img get’s set to relative

Ok, no, it’s not possible to change position :confused:

However it’s possible to achieve a cool effect. So the solution is in the design.
Where do you stand with this at the moment?

Ended up using the interactions to hide the tease image and tease text. and then replacing the text with the full RT and putting image in the full RT.

Works like a charm :grin:

Ok, I ended up crafting this:

can i get a clone link? would love to reproduce this

I don’t think I can activate the cloning without showcasing the site, and I don’t want to showcase it . If you give me your email I’ll send you a duplicate of the site instead.

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Gotcha no worries! I’ll pm my email :slight_smile: