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Change all Text Block to Text Link

I made a mistake at the beginning where I used a Text Block instead of a Text Link.
I have already made multiple animations to the Text Block and it took me hours to finally complete it.

Now I am stuck because all my Nav Bar is in Text Block and I got no way to link it up with other pages.

Is there any way I can change all Text block to Text Link?

Thanks a million!!

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Don’t worry, this is a fairly simple fix. Unfortunately, unlike the Div and link block elements, you can’t just convert them. However, if you create a class and assign the same class to the text-blocks and your newly-created text-links, they will inherit the same styling options. Additionally, if you go to your interactions you can change the type from an “Element Trigger” to a "class trigger fairly easily. Then your interaction will work on any element with the class you’ve created. If you have a read only link I might be able to provide further assistance!