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Challenging sales funnel

Hi everyone,

I need to create a sales funnel for a client. Really want to use WF for the project, but not sure it’s possible. Could use your advice. Here is the flow I’d like to build:

  • Page 01 - Product description page with button to get it for free. On click visitor is sent to a new page with a form.
  • Page 02 - Form to collect name, address and email with a check-box option to add a (digital) item to the cart. On submission visitor is sent to another page with two more options.
  • Page 03 - Two additional items are presented (to add to the cart) and a button to proceed to checkout.
  • Page 4 - checkout.

Any comments, options and thoughts are highly appreciated.


More steps = Higher drop-offs.

You’d want to get your client’s customers to commit/convert ASAP. Off my head, I’d suggest that if possible, combine your 2nd step and the 4th step. I’m sure when checking out, you can collect the information. So it’s step 1, then straight to checkout (combination of step 2 & 4).

After checking out, if you have a page that displays the successful status, you could push your 2 other products there.

If you’re afraid of people just leaving after getting the free product, you could try A/B testing the flow of your funnel to see which has a better results for your client’s needs.

Thanks @shwn, but it’s not my decision to make (it’s the client’s flow which I’m requested to implement). The main challenge I’m trying to solve now is on the contact form page - adding an item to the cart from within the contact form. It’s not possible to do that natively, but I was thinking to maybe write a script to add this item somehow?