Chain of multi-reference fields in CMS

I am facing an issue with accessing data of multi-referenced field.

Issue: I have a collection say “Products”, that is multi-referenced in another collection say “Cooking Oil”. On the “Cooking Oil Template” page, I am able to access the data of “Products” using Collection List.

However, in the collection “Grocery”, collection “Cooking Oil” is multi-referenced. Hence, the situation is like: Products -> Cooking Oil -> Grocery.

Now, on “Grocery template” page, I am able to access “Cooking Oil” data, but I am unable to access “Products” data.

Can you please help me out with this?

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There’s no way to access a third level reference like that. You would need to add a product collection inside your template to access that.

Hope this helps.

Do you mean adding “Product” and “Cooking Oil” multi-reference in “Grocery” collection. That way, I have to use 2 Collection Lists; 1 for loading “Product” data and another for loading “Cooking Oil” data…

Can you share your read only link and explain a little bit more what is that you want to do please?