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Chage url by scrolling

Hi, everybody!

Could you please help me?
How can do the same like here
I mean full page scrolling and changing url for each page.

Hey @Subotovich_Oleg!

That website in particular along with a few others are using a plugin called fullPage.js. It’s based on jQuery and you can read more about it here:

If you scroll down there is a section called “Creating links to sections or slides”. And the example that you want is here:

Have you had any experience with jQuery / Javascript before?

Hello, Tim!

Thank’s for your reply!
I saw that .js but i’m not sure that I understand how to use it.

Hey @Subotovich_Oleg. It can be slightly tricky if your not experienced with jQuery / Javascript. Best way to learn though would be to download the github project and investigate the code.

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