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Certian tabs won't scroll on Iphone

Hi Webflow people

Please look at my site, I have a strong suspicion the problem can be resolved easily but I just can’t find the way…

I’m concerned about mobile portrait on Iphones (Android works just fine) both in Safary and Chrome - same issue. There are a few “tabs” on my site. The “tabs” are supposed to scroll for all the content to be displayed. On Iphone - if you go to Menu (Nevermind the heading and the content in Russsian, I made a copy with English tab names for this forum) - And then tap one of the following tabs: Construction Site, Contacts, About Us - they wouldn’t scroll below the viewport. If you go to Payment Options - it works fine and scrolls all the way down. What is strange - after opening and scrolling Payment Options the above mentioned tabs scroll too… (as if Payment Options tab breaks some wall, or I’m going nuts)

Having similar issues with Iphones once in awhile, are there some general rules for dealing with that? And particularly I would appreciate help with this project.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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What we have noticed is iPhone 12 - works well, some minor failures. Since I updated the OS to the latest 14 point something - blocks the Sections from scrolling, except for one - Payment details, and I can’t see what is the difference between this Section and the others. The key might be in the fact faulty sections start working ok after opening and scrolling Payment details.