Certain elements not aligned with each other?


I can’t seem to figure out why the logo’s doesn’t align with the other elements on the rest of the webpage. Someone know how to fix this?


Hi Mourik! I took a look and do see that the set of logos are perfectly in center and all the alignments are good. Can you clarify for me what the issue you’re having is? Thank you!

Hi ColemanChirsB,

I want everything centered, that’s right! But I want the logo’s alligned to the other elements in the other sections. There is some sort of gap now. Like the padding is way higher on this section than on other sections.

I hope the screenshot underneath makes it clear what I mean:

I see, thank you!

Select the last C-Midden container. Change the flex-size to ‘grow if possible’

Change the Align mode to ‘Stretch’

Select the wrappers-logo-partners and change the Justify mode to ‘Space between’

Should be good to go now. The only issue is that this, as expected, causes the headings in the final section to become left-aligned. I recommend adding a combo class to these headings and just centering the type to solve this.

Hope this helps! Let me know if this achieves the result you’re looking for.

It worked! Thank you ColemanChrisB! :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Glad to hear it. Would you mind taking a moment to click the Solution button on my previous post? It’ll help other users who may stumble on this thread with a similar issue. Thanks!

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