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Centering Tab Menu w/out container

Hi there,

Just build a new tabular menu for my solutions page and after had to remove a container that I used around the entire tab menu. Reason being that I wanted separate sections within the tab content (and of course I could not nest a section within a container.

Now I have not container around the tab menu and use sections and containers within the tab content … BUT …
now I do not know how to center my tabs with the width of the container. If I center them as proposed somewhere else, they all move on top of each other.

Thanks for your help!


Here is my public share link:
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Pretty simple to do, just select the tabs element which currently has no style to it. Add a style and click the center align button for typography. Easy peezy.

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Awesome, yes was easy now that I know how.

Thanks for your help and coming to the rescue again :wink:


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