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Centering elements using margin not consistent

Hi @thesergie !

I read with attention this topic.

I think I got a similar issue: I can’t center the content. It is centered in the design view, but not in the preview.

You can take a look at

Is it related to responsiveness ? I am ok removing responsiveness. I’d like a great Desktop view in order to iterate on a mobile version thereafter.

Hi @laurentdesserre Sweet site! You are trying to center the elements in the wrong way. I would recommend removing your floats, widths and left and right margins, and just use text-align Center in the typography panel.

More info on how to center different elements:

Hi @thesergie

Thanks for your reply, and glad that you like the site!

Mat made me a little screencast to help me, I got more support than I needed :smile:

Thank you guys,