Center two images in a lightbox that is in a div

Hey guys!

I have two images that I’d like to center within a lightbox widget that is in a div. Any idea how I could do that?

Here is the read-only link :

I’d love it to look like this :

Thanks guys!

Sure! See how it can be done:

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Thanks Vincent! It works except if I had an “Interaction”, the image doesn’t use the “Effects” settings (Move up -50%). Any idea?

I’m afraid I don’t understand this can you tell me again?

Sure! Here is a low def video :slight_smile:

I only accept 4K now… jk :wink:

In that case, wrap the element in a div, use the centering method on the div and your interaction on the element. Fatser than fighting it, also kind of a good practice.

Yeah perfect! Thanks Vincent :slight_smile:

Hey! Same but a little more complicated.

Is it possible to do this :

From there :

Here is the read-only link :

Let me know ! Thank you so much folks :smile:

@vincent Should I create a new “Topic” for this one ? :slight_smile:

Yes you should create a new topic for a new request :slight_smile: Sorry I’ve been out of town. I see you suceeded, but that was an easy one wasn’t it? :wink:

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Yeah easy :smile: Thanks man!

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