Center navigation links, keep logo to the left


Hoping someone can help. I’m in the early stages of putting a website together in Webflow.

I’m trying to set up the header nav so that the links are centred, with the logo on the left. As you’ll see, the links are currently slightly off-centre, as they’re being pushed across by the logo.

I’ve read through quite a few posts on here, and gone through some videos, but can’t seem to figure out what to do.

Thanks in advance,


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - PB12

Hi @gkt, welcome to the forum.

If I was lazy and not too fussy, i’d just move the ‘nav menu’ class to the left via the Position area (as it’s set to relative).

Alternatively you could set the logo image or brand class to ‘absolute’ in the position area, then choose the left align icon and configure things from here. I’m sure there’s a few more solutions but hope this helps in the interim.

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Yes that’s one way, set the logo to absolute, positioned left. Then select the nav items div and center them. You would also have to set a height of the nav bar manually (let’s say 6 ems)

Should work

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Thanks both. Setting the container around the logo to absolute (positioned left) worked. All I had to do was set the height of the nav bar to 6 ems (as suggested) and it all works perfectly now.

Thanks again.