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Center Navbar on larger breakpoints

In one picture is my pc, a big screen 1920 px where the website is displaying right, and the other picture is my client computer also a 1080 p screen, and there is no way I can center that NAV bar, everything displays wrong, I am really really frustrating with webflow, because on my designer, the highest breakpoint a 1920 px its displaying good in designer, and my client gets everything twisted, can anybody please help me ? thank you with me heart, I am really frustrated

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - PERC WEBSITE

I’ll take a look later.


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Thank you Maxi for your help

on your section put auto auto on and that should fix your issue. if not come back

I did that but still doesn’t work :confused:

You could set the wrapper around the container to flex-box: center on the largest screen size.

I did you can see it’s set to be centered, and it’s not, I really don’t understand what is the designer for if it will display differently in real life,

Remove max-width from your container.

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