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Center my footer?

Hi All!

I have question about centering the footer. Its once again, a easy one to answer? In the bottom of my webpage I have my footer (not really finished yet…) but I cannot make it centered, what do I have to do to fix that? I have been trying a lot of things now but havent figure it out… In Laptop, Tabloid, Mobile Portrait, Mobile Landscape its not centered?


Hi Brazzez,

I took a look at your project and I think you just have some formatting issues.

  • Go to your last section that contains the footer
    -Inside this go down 2 levels (to “footer holder”) pull this and everything inside it out of the container above it but keep inside the section
    -delete the container.
    ---- This corrects the problem on Desktop ---- Now click to tablet view.

  • If you click on the “footer holder” you can see that on this level and smaller levels this element has a left margin of 200px, reset this so it returns to “auto”.

-I believe this corrects the problem.

Let me know if there are still issues and I’ll take another look.



You are spot on - THANKS I appcreciate it a LOT! It solved the problems… Since I am a pure rookie in webflow I know that there are many more “issues” and maybe I come back to you with one more?!




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Hi again!,

Question regarding the homepage. For some reason I cannot open my webpage and Im receiving an error saying, “Load cannot follow more than 20 redircections”? Any idea what that mean? It doesnt matter if I check on my mobile or google it or what ever, the same result? It just happend from absolutely know where?!

Thanks in advance - Peter

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Hi Peter,

I think this would be a problem with your web hosting - I’d repost the topic since if it is your host that is the problem it’s easiest to get help from someone familiar with your provider.

Alternatively (and when I’ve run into similar problems) I’ve contacted my provider directly and they’ve been able to sort the issue.

Hope that helps!


THANKS but for some reason Webflow decided to “throw” me out = I cannot log in to webflow with my email and PW and contacting the support is a disaster = 1 - 2 days they wuill come back. Now I am both frustrared and really angry!

So, the combo are that my webpage is not working and I cannot log in to my account at webflow and webflow have no support what so ever except a robot with same random and simple questions! Here I am, without any possibilities to work wishing I did NOT choose webflow as my tool to create my homepage!

Thanks anyway



I’m sorry you feel that way but since you’re using your account to post on here - you should be logged in. Maybe you have a conflict occurring on your computer and should try restarting.

Also, I had meant your domain provider - it sounds like it’s a problem with the set up of your connection to your custom URL - Contact your domain provider. Also, if this is the problem - this could happen on any platform, but nonetheless, I’m sorry for your frustrations.