Center Container into Section (ISSUE)

Hello, I need to center this container inside the section and I can’t figured out why the container isn’t center when I switch to preview mode. What’s wrong whit it?

I wanna to center it vertically and horizontally inside the section.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @niccolomiranda

Try giving that div or it’s parent a width (maybe 70vw) and then use the center element feature (just to the right of the padding/margin settings)

Hope that helps…

or simply give width:100% to your “experience” div

I’m trying to set style panel with your advice @StuM @dram but nothing change.

@niccolomiranda great question! It looks like your parent Experience div does not have a width style set so that is why we’re seeing that behavior. If you set the Experience div block to a width of 100% that should resolve the issue: