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Center buttons in Nav Menu (New to Webflow)

I’m building a site for the first time on Webflow and, despite my perceived understanding of core functionality, can’t seem to get my nav bar set! This is the Webflow site I’m building. I had previously been using a Nav Grid (not sure how I was able to get to that), which worked great to keep everything nice and centered. However, it prevented the hamburger menu in different display sizes, so I need to use the Navbar and Nav Menu structure, but I can’t vertically center my buttons within the Nav Menu.

I have not used Margin or Padding because I want this to be truly centered and responsive. I’ve tried to position them according to this forum response but I don’t see that I have button height set to 100% - it’s just on Auto

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Recruiter

Now that I’ve changed one of the standard Nav Links to a Dropdown element, that also seems to not be centered vertically - I want all elements in my nav bar to be in the same line. Instead, the “About” is too low and the buttons are too high

Hey @Kate_V!

Congratulations on building your first website in Webflow!

The best solution would be to set the “Nav Menu 2” to FLEX display then modify the layout inside.

Here’s a SNAPSHOT of how to do this on the Designer.

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Thanks so much, this worked perfectly!

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