Center align nav links in mobile menu changes to inline block

Whenever I add a new navbar, I click on the menu button in the editor for Tablet, Mobile Landscape and Mobile Portrait. I always try to center the Home, About, and Contact text in the Nav Links in the dropdown. When I click to center the text with Text Align, the whole Nav Link changes its Display Setting from Block to Inline Block and the Nav Links stack side by side instead of on top of each other like they’re suppose to.

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Hi @bronxbomber ! I can’t see the issue, did you fix it?

It is still doing this. I have made a Jing video to show how it changes the Display Settings by itself when you try to Text Align the text in a Dropdown.

This is what I see without touching anything!

What you can do is just to set a 100% width to the Nav Link 11 and it’ll be fine.

It happens everytime. It must rectify itself after awhile, because I made a video of it. It is happening everytime for me.

Did you try to make the width 100%?

Yes, nothing happened. Should the Display Settings change by itself when use Text Align?

Here’s a video of what I see. What browser are you using?

Can you drag a totally new Navbar over and then click on one of the Nav Links and try to center align the text? Watch the Nav Link and see if it moves to the middle and changes from Block to Inline Block?

Yes it does!

Its not suppose to do that.

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@Brando @Waldo @PixelGeek Any idea / explanation?

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Hi @bronxbomber @donaldsv

Thanks so much for posting about, and digging into this navbar issue.

I was able to test and reproduce this issue without much trouble. I’ve filed an issue with our engineers and we’ll dig into this.

For now you can workaround this by changing the display setting to inline block, then back to block:

Hope this helps!


Ok, can you keep me updated on when this is fixed? There are other bugs in the Menu Button that I’ve found also.

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