Center Absolute Element Overflowing Screen

Hey guys,

Can’t figure out how to center this spinning circle element in my footer. Below is an image of my design. It’s absolute positioned right now but won’t stay centered and scale properly.

Any help welcomed! Thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Hoover Collective - Update

hi @hoovercollective you have set width to fixed value all you should do is to chenge it to relative units as for example %

This doesn’t work because the circle needs to go off the page as you can see in the design.

Solution deleted as it is not recognised as possible solution :flushed:

If you do not need further assistance and video helped solve your issue feel to close your request as solved


I was on vacation… But thanks. I’ll give your method a shot and let you know if I can get it working.

Would you be able to give me a clone able of this? I can’t get it working.

Hi @hoovercollective you are lucky I didn’t delete it here is read-only to study

Just as I thought, yours doesn’t work properly either… It does not scale when resizing the window. This is the main issue I have been having.

hi @hoovercollective what do you mean with scale. When you shrink page your circle stay in centre and letters scale down. So where is the problem?

No it doesn’t stay in the center. And the scaling is not right either.

hi @hoovercollective on my side does everything you have asked and Im sorry you can’t make it work but no worry I have already removed all links and videos.

Good luck

Hey thanks for trying!

I’m not HEY and you are welcome @hoovercollective

Lol, I guess you don’t understand English very well. It’s just something people say.

Hi @hoovercollective you are correct, my native language is not English, so I apologise for my big disadvantage. I have different opinion on how to call people I have conversation with, but I respect the way how you communicate. Hope you had good laugh.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :christmas_tree: