Center a text into a link block

How come it is so hard to understand how it works?.. I don’t understand how to center a text inside a block… I must be truly dumb.

I don’t find that tool that intuitive.

I put a Heading child of a link block. The link block is set to Flex center align and justify. But the text is outside on the left. Whatever i do I can’t center the text to the link block.

Read-only project link?


It might not look like I described I remove a lots of things to redo the thing.

What I want to create is a title in the center of my link block and put an image behind the title.

When in mouse over the image that is at a scale of 0 on the Y goes to 1 on the scale of the Y.

The title still in front of the image.

Another issue is to make sure that the image doesn’t go outside of the screen.

Imagine a series of link block one above the other, what I want is the image to push the link block or the link block to push every other link block above if there is any and the same below so that the image goes 100% scale from the center of the link block without going outside of the screen or under another layer of elements.

Do you work for webflow? Either way you are awesome and generous of your time. Much appreciated.

Thanks Guillaume, no, I’m a technical consultant and freelancer.
Just enjoy helping out the community here.

Because you are so efficient,

I ditch my first idea of a portfolio.

I don’t know why my intro video won’t play on larger resolution; it is an HD 1920px 1080px I want it to play on larger ones even if pixelated.

Of course on smaller ones it is cropped, but the people to whom I’m gonna send it are pretty much on HD resolution so…

If you have any idea?

HI @Guillaume_Mercier please stick with the requested topic as the request is not meant to be a conversation about several issues in a project.

You have created a new request related to video (how it should be done) that is now solved. :wink:

you can also close any of your requests by marking the response that solved your issue as solution

Have a great day

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