Cell Designed Assets different aesthetically accross screens


I have been designing this site on the largest screen size possible under the impression that the design attributes would save a trickle down into their smaller screen applications. This is NOT happening. For example, if in a CTA I have to changed a black button to a blue button in 1920 save, publish if I look at 320 mobile, it is black and every size screen in between is also black button. It you wanted to go nuts, tweaking every single brand design alignment across a whole site 8 times each… this is the way! I am not new to site development.

What am I missing? Where is the “Save for all sizes” setting? I’ve just about exhausted all videos and documentation on this topic.


Here is my site Read-Only: (Webflow - lits_ver1_b)

Styling starts at the base breakpoint then up or down.

That’s the one with the star?

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Yes, that is the one.