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Category Menu - Mobile device edit

Hello WebFlow people!

I´m pretty new here, and just working on my 1st WebFlow site - Im having troubles with editing 1 part of template I just bought.

So what is the problem… I just can´t find out, how to edit category menu for mobile (the bottom one). Everything is working fine on desktop, but can´t edit it for mobile. Any ideas how to place logos or text there?


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Hey Michal,

I just looked at your read-only link, and based on your description I think you are referring to the “category menu” that is the 4 logos fixed at the bottom of the page?

If so, it looks like the template has the visibility set within the settings tab to only show on Desktop and Tablet for each of those logos. You can toggle that on for all device sizes and that will make sure the logos are always visible. See attached screenshots highlighting this.

Also, please note that the visibility feature being used in that template is actually no longer supported so I would avoid using it going forward for any other elements in the project.

Hopefully this helps!