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Thanks for the help!
I am trying to create a navigation menu for the different categories in a recipe website. Somehow what i have tried does not work.

I appreciate the help

Here is my public share link: [LINK](Webflow - Cooking with Love)
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Hi @Dara, where abouts were you looking to incorporate this menu? It should be a simlar process to the way you have created the ‘categories’ page.

i.e. dropping in a collection item, assigning it to the categories collection, then styling this up.

(As a complete aside, I believe best practice is for only one H1 tag on each page also - just noticed all the headings on the Categories page have the H1 tag, so thought I’d pass on in case, however also note this is a WIP).

Hi Dominic!

So… if you are in the Recipes section there is a category menu below the title which is visually there but I cannot link it properly. The “menu” above the title “Recipes” - stacked on each other works as they are links to pages and that is easily done. It is the horizontal menu below which I cannot figure out how to link. (this website was originally a template which I turned inside-out and backwards).

And thanks for the tip about the H1 I will go through the website and check it out.

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OK I am trying this out on the blog pages and I hope it works

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