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Categories vs. Portfolios

Can someone explain the difference between Categories and Portfolios that fall under Collections?
For example, I have portfolios set up for different product lines. - Using the Fly CMS template.
But, I also have categories that list the brand names of those specific products. I will need to repeat a few of the brand names in this category list. This is represented as text on the frontend that overlays a background square img, so visualize like this; square picture, text on top reads: Overarching Category Name, Brand Name

Need advice: On landing page each Portfolio Name is listed right next to the Category name, however they will be going to their own unique landing page to showcase those products, exactly as it does in the default Fly CMS template. I am unclear how they work or function together in the template.

Other I: Unsure, but because brand names will repeat beneath a few category(Portfolio) names, do I need to switch those around and make the brand name the overarching Portfolio (category) name and make the Portfolio the actual category name?

Other II: I will want the each individual portfolio landing page to at least display a link so users can easily get to another portfolio.

Thanks. Please reference Fly CMS demo, the homepage has the grid of portfolio category images demonstrating this.

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Sorry, this post must sound so confusing, but I just studied the template a bit closer. Here is where the confusion lies. In the Dynamic Data Mgr, each portfolio (collection) when I open to edit presents a drop down menu within there called Categories. That is where I have my brand names. However, I do not know the point of this dropdown and how these categories get used and/or applied to the website overall - can you explain this? I can see now that each: portfolio and category reveal a unique slug in the backend. For example - in a selected portfolio I can see (and this is a fake example): and when in Categories collection I see:

This is what I need more detail about. What is the reason for this? And is that slug locked in? Will it read ‘portfolio’ and ‘categories’ or is there a way to skip that with cleaner URL: and also for the categories:

Thank you!

Hello @Tine22 these are great questions! :slight_smile:

As far as the slugs go, they are locked unless you edit them (would need to take a look at the site to further provide incite). Could you please update your post with a Read-Only link to your site? :slight_smile:

Be sure to let me know when you do please by tagging me @Waldo :slight_smile:


My main question is to do with the point of the categories. What do they do? If the portfolio collection represents my actual categories I do not understand what the separate collection called categories does or how the two tie together?

Hi @Tine22,

Have you ever used Wordpress or any other blogging, dynamic data software? You can check out the site and look at how categories work. Basically, they are how you are classifying or organizing your portfolio or post content.

Ok, so if I am not using post content, then I do not need the Category collection, just stick with the Portfolio collection and add more utilities to that to enhance building out my page? For example, if on the landing page within the text, I may want ability to drop in an image. Things like that, right?

Thank you.

You don’t necessarily ever “need” a Category collection. If you feel like it would be beneficial for your users to be able to view your Portfolio pieces by a specific category like “print work” or “logo design” then creating a Category collection and linking them to your Portfolio collection items could be useful.

OK, so maybe that’s where I was confused. The portfolio (as such) represents the landing pages that would house all the ‘print work’ or ‘logo design’ as in your example. Is that correct? That is really what the portfolio module is - a collection of those pages, and the Categories as the parent module to overlap the portfolio as the entry point to the ‘print work portfolio’, ‘logo design portfolio’.

Is my understanding now correct as to how this is set up?
(see FlyCMS template as a reference point if needed - there are 8 blocks on the page (2 rows of 4))

Thank you, appreciate it!

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