Categories page does not link to Category pages

Hi! I haven’t used webflow for a while, and now I am setting up a very simple travel blog using the Lamar template as a starting point. Since there are categories and a Categories template, I added a Categories page, meant to link to collections of the different Categories. But it doesn’t. I cannot see in what way the page is different from the other collection pages. Anyone who knows what I have missed?

Welcome back :slight_smile:

can you share the published site?

Of course. It is just a mockup so far. The link is with password abcd.
It is the links from the Destinations page that does not work.

It is probably a slug issue. You might have changed the pages/collections names after you linked the category link to its category page.

Simply change each of the 4 links to a URL link, and then back to the ‘current category’ link.

Yes, that worked! Thank you so much for your help!

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